announcing on May 13th..

By: Contrarian

Criddel will take one last visit to USC prior to announcing, but Dollars seems to think 'his brother" Criddel is an Oregon lock. 

As long as USC gets Steele (not a done deal), they will be fine in the defensive backfield.  As far as Dollars, he has not gotten too much love from the Trojans.  I think they could eventually get serious about him, but right now seem to like a few other backs more.

While most of the country is making a big push for early commitments due to the early signing period, things seem to be business as usual for the Trojans.   I'm not necessarily on board with that strategy.  Alabama has totally revamped the way they recruit after being losing out on a lot of early signees last year, and having a down recruiting year as a result.  USC is usually the last school to pick up on trends.  In military parlance, they seem to "fighting the last war".

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