The way I understand it

By: Old Hickory Trojan

its the SEC rule that won't let him go...and thats not to say Saban wouldn't say no anyway...there is an appeal process with the SEC so the kid ca. go that long as Tennessee is eligible for the transfer ( per the rule about previous transfers graduating) and if not the kid sitting out for a year....but of course UT better have a grad program and this kid better be qualified to join it...

oh ya Saban also said no to the early signing period when that was being discussed by the NCAA and he still opposes it...he was also opposed to Oregon's hurry up style offense....which he also lost on...if you look up Saban there are a lot of things he says no to or doesn't like that goes on in what? I don't think the kid who left USC and was told he couldn't transfer to a school USC played or any school in the PAC was too happy about that and I haven' heard an outcry to any of that stuff on this board...why is that? Coaches oppose lots of stuff where the think they lose and edge..and thats a fact.

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