You must be looking for a fight

By: Old Hickory Trojan

to go this hard on Saban when we actually agree that he's being a dick...but for some reason you just aren't willing to admit that the SEC rules are what dictates whether or not the kid can transfer....if the rules state that the only way a kid can transfer as a grad student who is no longer on a scholarship and has graduated from the school he attends can be stopped on the whim of the HC...I would think both the the SEC and NCAA would be looking at a I find it hard ot beleive that they would be stupid enough to write a rule that allowed a coach to do that to a kid that has already left school...but on the other hand it seems reasonable that within the SEC if an internal transfer occurs there would be requirments to allow for it such as going to class to get the next level degree or penalizing a school for taking gra players not to further their education but merely give them extra playing time without attending classes..and if the record of that school shows they have brought these kids in and none of them stayed eligible that those schools can be penalized on taking another grad student...and the punishment isn't that the kid can't transer but only he can't play for a year..

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