Not really....ask me about Tennessee

By: Old Hickory Trojan

ask me about Ol Miss, Auburn, Florida and what I know about the scandals regarding football at those schools...ask me about Alabama and what I know has hppened there even when the Bear was the coach..I'll give it to you fact I have a few times on this board..especually on UT since I am close enough to it here that I can dump on them a lot...and I have on this board several again you got it wrong...I've got no aspiratons to protect the SEC...but I also have no qualms to notice and post about some of the hypocracy on this board when it comes to using the same lines we got when Pete Carrol was kicking ass on the rest of college football when everyone except Trojans said he was cheating...and inthe case of BAMA I hear a lot of that and yet like Pete Carroll there is very little evidence...mybe someday but right one has found any...and the closest anyone has gotten is the cars some of the players drive and the autograph issue...and the first whether true or not as a scandal it's not much different then Joe Mcknight and the second...BAMA has tried to shut that guy down several times but he keeps getting around it...and the players have not been caught selling their autographs I would say the evidence is about as clear as USC knowing RB was getting paid..

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