I don’t think 7-10 million would

By: Java

Be anything more than a slap on the wrist to the NCAA. Would not alter their behavior a bit and in fact would validate it. For McNair I think that after you take away taxes. Attorney fees. And factor in the incredibly long time. And appeals? I do not think what is left over for him would be an amount that would make this process worthwhile. $7 million nets what $3.5 or so after taxes. Assuming it’s taxable. I assume it is. What. A million in attorneys fees? Maybe more? Especially if the case has some contingencies to the retainer? Not sure of other costs nor how much longer or more expensive an appeal could be. But let’s just say he puts $2.5 million in the bank For what. 10-12 years of his life and earnings lost? And that’s supposed to be some big windfall he lives high on the rest of his days? I don’t see it.
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