Now thats BS

By: Old Hickory Trojan

show me anywhere where I've defended OL Miss or LSU....BAMA on the other hand I've defended when you and some other folks go after the South ( I'm talking about putting down people becuase they live down there not the schools) and when I see a bunch of USC folks acting like Bruins because BAMA has become the king of CFB .

I posted a bunch about Ol Miss cheating when they all of a sudden the started bringing in 5 stars and after they made the kid who plays QB and just transferred to Michigan brother a member of his staff...posted on this site when LSU fans were threatneing the life of Joe McKnight and his family...posted numerous times about Butch Jones and the rogue program at UT especually when Java asked what I had against Jones and reflected on the rape case where the coaches had members of the team beat up one of their teamates becuase he helped the girl after her rape by one of the players...and went on about how a bunch of thugs and criminals within the program...

I think you either need to read more or you have a short memory since your argument with me is not true to say the least...and I think USC fans look small when they obviously have jealousy about Alabama football BAMA was the school that turned the NCAA against USC...when in actuallity I had a great number of Alabama fans tell me when the sanctions went down that it was bullshet and felt that we got screwed worse then they did for the kid they recruitied where a booster supposedly gave the kid $150k...they didn't say it didn't happen but said the penaltys were I don't get your anomosity. Before you go off with but BAMA cheats or cheated...I'd respond they sure sued to...I had a friend from California that was recruited by the Bear and actually ended up a team captain at BAM and he told me sone stories that obviously were not withing the NCAA regulations..I also know a number of recruiting violatons after th Bear......on th other side of the I wish USC had a top notch coach like Saban...yup, do I iwsh that the coaches got the same kind of support staff as BAMA....yup, do I wish that the PAC stood with USC like the SEC stands up for it's members ...yup. Do I wish that USC had a deal with ESPN to teleivise games instead of the PAC I think becuase of the poor managment of the PAC and it's lack of exposure of it's teams sucks compared to the SEC I think that gives the SEC a huge advantage over the I think it's fair ....nope...but I don't run USC and I don't run the PAC and I just sit back and watch what I see as I dislike the way California is being run ...most I like the way Californians vote to keep the idiots running the state in I like the fact that perhaps many Californians have had enough of the extreme liberal leaership in the state ...yup...nuff said.. 


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