Actually not accurate about compliance staff add

By: crunchgodabruinknees

He hired Freeh and company very early to outsource compliance. Remember when they caught, through undercover work, an SC football player getting a ride on a golf cart from a student who bought a similar looking golf cartto the campus owned ones. The student was trying to become an agent, but they squelched him and threatened legal action after legal action.

A big part of compliance is having people, like the assistant basketball coach, go on the record in writing that

a) they have not provided any benefits

b) that  they've been trained, trained again, and then retrained trianed to follow each rule and what the rules ar

c) they have no awarenes.

It puts people under penalty of perjury and liable for damages if they lie. For example, a liar like San Clemente can lie with impunity here, but if he signs under penalty of perjury and then lies again it can go badly for him. The approach makes the employer the victim.

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