Board traffic may regrettably be lighter this week

By: PasadenaTrojan

Amgen Tour of California bicycle race started. Believe or not, Me and the Golden Girls formed a team and rented a team van. Then Doctor San Clem Gave was nice enough to give us needed supplies like blood tranfusion equipment and plenty of hypodermic needles... and even some tigers milk which he says is the best for recovery. Java owns most of real estate we will be racing on and so he graciously agreed to sponsor us if we wore WWW jerseys. Like Oregon We will change uniforms every 2 Miles (we will wear all 25 jerseys at start and just peel off on schedule). We thought we were one short but John55 came through. He received permission from mom to leave hospital for a week As long as we took responsibility for any and all actions he may undertake. Waldorf has UCLA connections and promises UCLA cheerleaders at finish line. Very cool of him!! We’re here to win. Wish us luck! As MLK preached, People can come together...
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