He’s squaring off at analysts

By: Java

Meetings declaring questions to be “boring” or “uncool “. Who does he think he is? Fonzie? After one of his latest fatal crashes he undermined his safety coordinator by getting on the phone with NTSA getting in a shouting match. Cursing at the guy then hanging up on him. He can’t deliver or build cars He lies repeatedly. Declares one thing and does another Expects blind loyalty when he hasn’t done jack As you said the competition is closing in And guess what? Gm knows how to build cars. Lots of them. Musk shut down his production line and tore out tons of automation To speed things up. I’m not kidding. He added people and ditched robots. Just a mess. He’s declared his company doesn’t need any more rounds of funding Except solar city is bleeding cash. And Tesla lost either a billion or two last quarter. Yes. He needs cash. Space x appears to be successful. I don’t know how profitable it is as a company. Boring is not. Tesla is not. Solar city is not. And then he goes off half cocked and goes after warren buffet. Declaring he’s going to start his own candy company. Taking a swipe at sees Dude is just a nut
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