And the hits keep coming

By: Conquest2000

A deadlocked jury is bad news for McNair and USC, and then Dennis Dodd drops his article reporting that some Admins of the other power 5 conferences are talking amongst themselves about making it the Power 4, and pushing The Pac 12 into what would become the Group of 6 conferences, for the college football playoffs. The main reason, pac 12 revenue. The glowing press release put out last week, by Fucktard Larry Scott, buried the real news that the Pac-12 Network cost the Conference 175 Million last year. Wilner did a hell of a job of reverse engineering the numbers to figure out the cost the conference was trying to hide. We are fucked. So Helton can fuck us up all he wants. Our only saving grace is the Rose Bowl Committee stocked with pac 12 people. But with the game this year with two non traditional teams and the hotels they filled in Pasadena may make them forget about the pac 12. The mighty dollar speaks.
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