He was taking pictures of girls

By: Java

Private parts. Was making sexual commentary and when he felt heat shifted his focus to immigrant Chinese who didn’t feel comfortable enough to say anything. This went on for 30 years. How many other predators does YSC cover up and for how long? Only when a nurse reported him to a campus rape crisis center was he suspended. USC found him guilty of sexual harassment. This is their own Larry nasser. Oh and get this. They have him a buyout!!! Yeah. Should have arrested him. Michigan state did the right thing. They blew the cover off nasser. USC paid hush $$ and the guy resigned. USC did not inform his patients USC did not report him to the medical board as they are required to. And get this. After all that? The predator applied for reinstatement!! Lol. There’s more but clearly the la times has done it again. They’ve exposed a culture at usc where appearances and narrative are far more important than substance. Which is a policy that has also permeated the admissions office. It’s all about the story. The feel good Perception
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