I posted the issue first

By: crunchgodabruinknees

and brought it to the awareness of the board.

I knew of course that certain lowlifes like San Clemente would revel in the negative attention on SC even after the tards own failure.

I've known many older folks that cant handle change. I've laid off many of them, outright fired some, and sidelined others. The anger at the changes for the better at SC, that still has much of the positive entrepreneurial culture, versus the nostalgia of some for a weaker lower standards SC of the past is kinda laughable really. The pure lack of self-awareness of those longing for some golden age that primarily demonstrates their biases, old age and rigidity. In San Clemente, it's all those things, plus a desire to stir hate. I'm sure we could agree ona 100 things at Sc we disagree with politcally, but at its core its still SC. So Fuck you haters.

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