I actually see what they are doing here...

By: Contrarian

They need a Plan B QB between JT and DJ's assumed 2020 arrival.  Jayden Daniels, the Plan A, will likely be scared off by the thought of being sandwhiched between the two.  

This kid's scholarship offer is probably not one that would be accepted by USC quite yet.  They need to see how the QB competion plays out, and if anyone decides to transfer out.  If so, they will need at least one QB in this coming class.  

QB is a position that has tons of late bloomers, as the first round of the draft indicated this year.  The paid recruiting analysts on other sites are saying this kid is getting better, and might just be the type of glue guy you want backing up your big guns.  Accounts are saying he is highly intelligent, athletic, and throws the ball very well, even in windy conditions.

As far as the other 3-star guys USC is getting....The last two years, Clay has picked up several of them early, which he quietly (and coldly) leaves by the wayside as signing day approaches.  At the end of this past signing period, the USC recruiting class fewer 3 star commits than ANY program in country...in fact it had no 3-stars according to Rivals (all 4 and 5 stars), with the 247 composite only listing one 3-star.... the Offensive linemen from the rich family (Liam Douglass, attended Harvard Westlake) who was just allowed to start playing football a couple of years ago.

This year will probably be similar when the dust clears.

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