desperate measures pre-Internet!!

By: LA Duck

A friend of mine used to go to duck games at Autzen, record the game on a VHS player, and then return to his hotel room after the game and watch it again.  This was back in the late 1990s....

I remember there was a phone service you could call back in the mid-1980s where you would dial up a number and you'd get the radio broadcast of the game over the phone.  Expensive in those days but worth it. Did that a lot living in LA.  The dad of a friend would call a Eugene radio station and just ask them to leave the phone off the hook so he could listen in on the game.

Another common weekend activity in LA in the early 1990s would be to go to a sports bar that had a satellite dish in LA or Orange County and see if they could dial in the coordinates for the Oregon football game broadcast that was only shown regionally in the NW.  Bonus points if someone actually had the coordinates rather than having to seduce the waitress into trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Once the Internet came around it got MUCH easier to share the coordinates.

Man, those were the  Ducks were rarely on nationally, only regionally.

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