Paterno Files 3.0-He was a scapegoat (last post)

By: PasadenaTrojan

Exhibit 1 of why JoPa was a scapegoat:

1) 1998 Incident - Mother called case worker who called University Police.  They declined to press charges when Victim said he was not raped.    

2) 2001 McQuery Incident.  McQuery reported to JoPa next day. Then JoPa did the UNTHINKABLE and REPORTED it the next day to the President and AD. Both of whom knew about the 1998 incident above.   Remember sandusky was retired in 1999/2000.  The University police interviewed Pedo on campus and deemed it wasnt a CRIME. Cover up? brand managemnet?  Shoddy police work?

Doesn't matter. They shouldve thrown the BOOK at this animal. But what role should JoPa have played here?

3) 2nd Mile Charity.  After being informed of 2001 incident they lableled it a "non incident" and they let Pedo stay on Board and remain involved with Charity. Can you imagine.....for 9 more years he was around disadvantaged youth.

Bottom line is in both cases Pedo was "absolved" of crime.  So JoPa was supposed to go Charles Bronson here and shoot him?  Remember Pedo was no longer on his staff. 

Could JoPa have done more?  Yes.  However with the Chain of Command and our legal system of Due Process why does the buck stop with JoPa and not the POLICE?  or CHARITY? or PRESIDENT who was actually running this issue?

Am I missing something here? Could it be because he is the most famous one?  Maybe?  Could it be because he was so BIG of a public figure that by taking him out it saves the University as they have clearly given their pound of flesh? Idk.  Just dont agree with the statue removal.  At all. Like I said, he is a scapegoat.   

This case is a bad chapter for many.  But it does not erase decades of good work and deeds IMO. Not this time.

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a moment to ruin it.



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