Agree to a certain extent.

By: Waldorf

I think the President and the local police and the others in the AD are the most to blame, especially the police.  But I'm sure they all decided to look the other way because of Ped State football, which -- let's not kid ourselves -- IS Joe Paterno.  Or at least it was. 

So, while maybe JoPa did the right thing by reporting the 2001 incident to his superiors, he knew that Sandusky was a pedophile by then, based not only on the 2001 incident but also the 1998 incident, regardless of the outcome.  So, if Ped State decided to turn their back once again, JoPa should have said something to the police.  It was his reputation at stake, as well as the reputation of Ped State football.  

I'm sure JoPa had more than a little loyalty toward Sandusky, but by that time he should've thrown him under the bus.  By not doing so, he screwed himself and the university and the legacy of Ped State football.  I don't care what anyone says, that program will forever be dirty in my mind because of what happened.  And all the good that JoPa did -- and there was a lot of it -- it went down the crapper by Ped State allowing all those kids to be molested between 2001 and 2010.  WTF were they all thinking?

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