Fro the McQueary reporting

By: crunchgodabruinknees

The reporting up the chain of command was the whole problem. JoePa and McQueery should have gone to the police directly in addition to the chain of command.

Joepa had the resources to also do several other things not done:

a )leak to the press an innuendo-as a highly in demand figure the sports press would ahve written what he wanted

b) seek a restraining order that would echo

c) go public with the allegations

d) warn some local coaches in direct terms but 1-1 quietly, get the word out

e) send some anonymous tips and

f) talk to Sandusky's friends and family

It's just like nurses who see fentanyl and other drug abuse by doctors. They often report up the chain of command while the doctor falls deeper and deeper into self-abusive darker and darker places.

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