McNown is a possibility.

By: Waldorf

Not sure about the Finger Taper, although he did win a Rose Bowl, which is something McNown never did.  But McNown was a four-year starter, a Heisman finalist, a Johnny Unitas Award recipient, and a consensus All-American.  The Finger Taper was very good, also an All-American, but HOF?  Not sure about that.  Not sure either of them are deserving of HOF status in CFB, but the Finger Taper did win 3 Super Bowls in a row, which is something.  I don't know if that gets him into Canton, but it's quite a feat. 

Those are pretty interesting photos.  As you can see, the Finger Taper got an early start in Finger Taping.  It's a lost art. 

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