If Trump farted in church

By: Wac12

the media would be all over it too.  They simply can't stand the guy and go out of their way to find anything they can to bitch about instead of reporting on the good he's doing to MAGA.  It's Trump derangement syndrome.

Blacks have more jobs, Latinos have more jobs, wages are going up, North/South Korea are actually talking, manufacturing jobs have returned, the middle class is seeing more in their take home checks, ISIS is no longer a threat, pulled out of that ridiculous Paris climate nonsense, China is starting to "get it" when it comes to fair trade, Obamacare mandate is going away...

Only tbing missing is a WALL.  Use that seized cartel money to build it.  But an idea I'd much rather see is for the U.S. to just buy Mexico.  Tons of natural resources, plenty of jobs to do and the labor force to get it done, and oceanfront property in baja to develop.  We'd get that shithole cleaned up real quick and raise the standard of living for an entire country (former country in this case)

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