So if we pretend it's a player

By: the909trojan

because ginger wasn't sure based on the height - isn't that still a no-no. Cuz I'm not sure who else would have access to the football team showers besides players or staff.


And, just so that I understand, your point is that perhaps Paterno rationalized the contact because it might have been a consenting adult? And hoping that to be the case, he relied on people upstream on the org chart to investigate/ handle? And he basically was happy with barring the boys clubs access to the facilities during the investigation, just in case it was a kid. Then, when sandusky was cleared twice he said cool, my coach is a deviant who bangs adult players or adult staff in the showers, but at least he's not a pedo so we will keep him around. And if it's an adult player, I guess that is okay because even though he is a coach here, he's not a pedo.


All I can say is that if Andy Larussa goes to coach Helton and tells him that Clancy is engaging in some sort of sexual contact with somebody in the showers (on campus keep in mind) who might be an adult - that Coach helton would do a little more than tell Nikias about it.

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