By: Old Hickory Trojan

Apparently from all reports Sam has now learned to keep both hands on the ball in Jets camp. Appears to me the Jets have worked with him on his problem ....why did he have that continuing problem at USC? 

By the way nice deflection from the fact Darnold never was allowed ot change a play called from the sidelines....lets see how long JT Daniels is happy id they pull that stuff on him...afterall Clay stated Daniels football smarts exceed his whole staff including himself...

Getting back to Sam and the three headed monster....took forever to get plays called from the sidelines in a hurry up offense but now we know there was no hurry since the coaches took a long period to get the play in and Darnold wasn't given the option of changing the play from the original call....and then we get the new QB coach that wanted Same to not scramble so much and to stay in the pocket...not sure thse kind of approaches are going to sit well with any of the QB's on USC's roster especially if the OL doesn't improve dramatically IMHO

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