By: Old Hickory Trojan

he should ba allowed to have the option of changing the play at the LOS...especially if Clay was accurate when he said  football wise there is not a smarter guy on his staff then JT Daniels including himself...and Daniels called all his own plays at MD...not like he's never done it before and not allowing the kid to change plays at the LOS is an ineffectiv way to run an offense. But I guess that it takes so long to get in one play fron the sideline the time to change a play would be beyond the time allowed ot get the play off. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Daniels should call all his own plays...what I'm say ing send him in two plays at a time so he has an option once he sees how the defense lines up he can go to an option if necessary. I'd also suggest that Clay kill this three man approach play calling and get one guy to call the plays and hopefully get the play to the field a lot sooner then they currently do...

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