I have yet to hear Hugs admit he's wrong.

By: San Clemente

He likes his three headed predictable play calling that takes forever to get the play in and doesn't leave any time for the quarterback to audible.  He likes his system. Doesn't see anything wrong with it. He's still waiting for his apology from Darnold.  Truth is it's the only system he knows. 


Worse, he doesn't think he was wrong starting Browne over Darnold or Jalen Greene at receiver last year over better and simply more talented underclassmen, you know kids that could actually catch a football.   


And probably worse than that, he doesn't see a problem with the hair product yogi roth clone douchebag in charge of strength and conditioning.  Combine numbers should be a clue that any qualified head coach would have picked up on.  


And what I think is worse than all that is he doesn't have the balls to tell Pendergast to ROTATE in fresh players.  He's never even attended a defensive meeting in his life.  


 Not even the most brain dead rah rah would admit that Hugs was qualified for the job in the first place. Learning on the job means you actually have to LEARN on the job.  But Gommer doesn't know anything else, or know anyone else to ask, nor has he shown any interest in improving anything.  Just ride it , till it bucks ya.  


Gertrude's boyfriend wanted stability in the program, and stability USC has a plenty.  Unfortunately it's all it has.  Stability with the learning curve of an earthworm. I guess if jesus wanted him to be a better coach, he would be a better coach.   sc 

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