I disagree.

By: San Clemente

Just like world war 1, eurotrash's problems are none of our business.  These are the people that came up with feudalism, socialism, fascism, and communism.  We told England to go fawk themselves centuries ago. I don't bend a knee to anyone, never have and never will. To this day they still don't even have freedom of speech there. F that. 


We poked Japan in the eye over oil in a place that was also none of our business to get us into the whole mess.  We have all the oil we need here.  


Now the eurotrash are turning themselves into EuroafricArbiatrash. What could possibly go wrong by inviting in millions of heathens that believe it's their duty to kill you.  


Let the place burn to the ground. If they want to commit suicide, Have at it.  sc 

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