Ok dude. I read the article.

By: Dr. Spock

Here's my analyis: It reads like a bad term paper from a an undergrad history student who had a bad case of senioritas and was just mailing it in and cut and pasted a bunch of Howard Zinn crap.

A few counter-points:

1. FDR knew that the oil embargo would ratchet up tensions with Japan.  That's what he wanted.  This whole "Gee, FDR just wanted licenses at first but Acheson went crazy!" is a crock created by Liberals who don't want to point the finger of blame at one of their great heroes. Acheson was doing exactly what FDR told him to do.

2. Fumimaro Konoe was doomed as Prime Minister long before the embargo started. 

3. The Japanese could have just invaded the Dutch East Indies and the USA would still not have delcared war.  Sh*t, the USA did nothing when the Japs dissed France and invaded Vietanam in 1940, why would the USA declare if the Japs attacked former Dutch colonies?  Most Americans then couldn't find The Netherlands on a map if they had to.  (Sh*t, they still can't.)  But most Americans then did know about France.

4. The Japanese Navy were more gung-ho about attacking Pearl Harbor than the Japanese Army.  The Army wanted to focus on China and Malaysia, going after vulnerable British colonies like Hong Kong and Singapore and later expanding into Burma and possibly India.

5. The entire premise of this goofy article is based upon the idea that "Japan has a God given right to buy cheap American crude oil!" Bullsh*t.  They could have gone out and bought oil on the open market just like everyone else but for some reason, American Communists think Japan had a right to cheap American oil.  What world do people live in where they think a sovereign country (USA) owes another sovereign country (Imperial Japan) something (cheap crude) just . . . because?

6. "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" was just Imperial Japan's bullsh*t excuse for invading neighboring countries, stealing their resources, and enslaving their people.  Joeseph Goebbels would be proud.

I can't believe that intelligent people who have an interest in history actually believe this crap.  Give me a f*cking break.

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