not historically accurate

By: crunchgodabruinknees

China became everyone bitch in the 19th and early 20th century. Japan primarily stayed home until the late 19th century and a little Korean mischief. Japan sought its pieces of the pie when the British and others were chopping up China.

The Chinese never invaded Japan except the two failed Mongol invasions (1268 and 1276)  wiped out by two giant storms--the Kamikaze. The Mongol emperor's letter to Japan read much like Trumps to Kim.

Cherished by the Mandate of Heaven, the Great Mongol emperor sends this letter to the king of Japan. The sovereigns of small countries, sharing borders with each other, have for a long time been concerned to communicate with each other and become friendly. Especially since my ancestor governed at heaven's command, innumerable countries from afar disputed our power and slighted our virtue. Goryeo rendered thanks for my ceasefire and for restoring their land and people when I ascended the throne. Our relation is feudatory like a father and son. We think you already know this. Goryeo is my eastern tributary. Japan was allied with Goryeo and sometimes with China since the founding of your country; however, Japan has never dispatched ambassadors since my ascending the throne. We are afraid that the Kingdom is yet to know this. Hence we dispatched a mission with our letter particularly expressing our wishes. Enter into friendly relations with each other from now on. We think all countries belong to one family. How are we in the right, unless we comprehend this? Nobody would wish to resort to arms.


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