since yesterday was D-Day

By: Conquest2000

I have a story my Grandpa shared with me.  my Grandpa went back to Normandy with his best friend Frank Joy who hit the beaches on D-Day.  My Grandpa was in Naval intelligence in San Francisco during the war, he never left the Presidio. 

My Grandpa and his buddy foot solider Frank Joy go to this ceremony in the 1980's at Normandy (i think they had rennovated the military cementaries there)  ol Frank Joy walks up to his commanding officers grave (he was killed on the beaches of Normandy) and pissed all over his grave.   He said the son of a bitch was a butcher that threw his men into the meat grinder in North Africa, butchering hundreds of Americans agains the Germans in battles over a couple hundred yards or in cases where there was no tatical advantage gained.  His men hated him and when he was killed the remaining men had a quiet celebration after the beachhead was secured.  Frank dropped trough and miterated without telling my Grandfather who was completely shocked and appalled by it all.   

The rest of the trip Frank shared in greater detail all the up situations this guy had put him and his fellow soldiers into throughout North Africa and Italy.  I guess this guy made Haratio Gates and Lloyd Fredenhall look like tactical geniuses.    

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