only 30?

By: Conquest2000

all construction goes over budget, contractors low ball to get the work not fully understanding the complexity of the job and the client.  Any person or organization that goes with the lowest contractor bid is a fool and  you will pay up to 50% more in the end.

the truncated time line, the multiple starts and stops, the City and County of LA and State of CA involved, Union wages, USC's construction department, they probably hired a Premium Architect.  The age of the coli, having the 50 yard line as your lay down area, working on the coliseum property itself (a public park) all add $$$ some of it mandated by dumb laws, some of it common sense, some it actually good construction practice.  The cost of engineered structural steel isn't helping.  

The hidden consequence of Trump's Steel Tariff's is that it drove up deman for domestic steel and domestic steel prices went up.  On our $700 Million dollar hospital we have seen our steel prices (domestic steel fabricated in Texas) rise 12%  Domestic steel is going to become so expensive that it will be a wash and on big projects like ours it will end being cheaper to purchase foreign steel with a tariff.   

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