Only towards the end.

By: Waldorf

The number of UCLA guys on Mora's rosters that were drafted into the NFL speaks for itself.  Sure, some of them were Neuheisel's guys, and some of them were drafted on potential alone (like Quessenberry and Miller), but Mora did recruit well early on, and he did develop some good players -- also early on.  

But the past 2-3 recruiting cycles for Mora were shit, and you're right -- Chip is the recipient of a lot of that.  Mind you, the roster still has quite a bit of talent, but it also contains stiffs.  And Chip is weeding them out.  I, for one, am glad to see it.

As to the toughness of Mora's practices, they were definitely tough in the early years, and the performance on the field showed.  He just got burned out, and discipline went to hell.  BUT...insiders (including Tracy and other BROs who've been around the program for many years) said there was a marked upgrade from the toughness of the practices as soon as Mora took over; his practices were far more demanding than Neuheisel's, and Neuheisel's were far more demanding than Dorrell's -- which isn't a surprise at all.  

It's simply that Kelly's practices are tougher than all of the previous UCLA coaches, in terms of conditioning anyway.  That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's read about his Oregon teams. 

Now, apparently Dick Vermeil's practices were another thing altogether.  That Rose Bowl team almost mutinied, and that's no shit. 

Oh, to answer your original many OL are left on the roster?  Not very many.  Fewer than 10 scholarship players, and then walk-ons -- some of whom I've heard are pretty decent.  But it's very, very thin.  2018 is going to be a tough one for this team.  Just not enough depth. 

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