From my humble perspective....

By: LA Duck

...I think there is some truth there.

Helfrich is a smart guy and took Kelly's offense to the next level.  Oregon was actually better offensively after Chip left (partly due to Mariota, but even after he left his junior year, ducks were better statistically than under Chip offensively).

Unfortunately once we lost Aliotti (AND Azzinaro who really was the brains behind Aliotti's defense when he was there), it was the defense that sucked, and kept us in check except for that playoff win vs FSU and the national championship game.  We got there in spite of our piss-poor defense.

Anyway, I would not discount Helfrich's effect on Chip's offense.  That said, I think Chip will be fine without Helfrich.  If Chip stumbles, it will likely be because of his inherent character flaws, and not because he isn't one of the brightest minds in college football.

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