lol...I've met Charles a few times at games

By: LA Duck

He is an interesting character, that's for sure.

Yes, we eventually lost with Helfrich due to piss poor recruiting bottomline.  But not because of an "out-dated" offense.  That's why we quacks (or most of us, at least) are amazed and enthused with the current crop of coaches in Eugene who recruit rings around the previous Oregon coaches.  Don't know if they can win games together or not yet, but we know they can recruit.

I suspect what you'll see now with Chip is him coming up with brand new offensive concepts, or at least wrinkles on old concepts (which is all the Oregon offense was anyway), to keep other teams off balance.  He's not going to just do the same stuff he did when he was at Oregon 10 years ago.  No way.

THAT is what makes Chip so good at what he does.  Not sure why people think he's just going to do the same ol', same ol'.  He wasn't that way at New Hampshire, and I guarantee he won't be that way at UCLA.


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