Congrats, USC! And welcome to our world....

By: LA Duck

In the past 10 years Oregon has won...

4 Men's Indoor NCAA Championships

7 Women's Indoor NCAA Championships

2 Men's Outdoor NCAA Championships

2 Women's Outdoor NCAA Championships

2 Men's Cross Country NCAA Championships

2 Women's Cross Country NCAA Championships

19 out of a possible 60 total championships in those 10 years....30%

USC has historically been known as a men's track & field school, but not since the '80s, I believe?

And, yes, before you ask, I'd sacrifice EVERY ONE of Oregon's NCAA titles above for a single NCAA football

But, alas, that's not possible, of course.  Nonetheless it's what helps bring speedy football players to Oregon--knowing they can compete in T&F amongst the greatest in the world, and in Track Town USA -- Eugene, Oregon.

The newly remodeled Hayward Field in Eugene below.....coming soon--2020, I believe?

(Before Autzen was built in 1968, this field is where Oregon played football as well as ran track.)

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