I don't think you can compare

By: Old Hickory Trojan

the effort shown by Kendall Ellis to anythig we've witnessed by USC football...the Rose Bowl might be one that there was an extremely good effort but for everyone of those ...you can never forget the image of USC going int the tank for Alabama and Notre Dame...and those kind of efforts by a team that has the most talent by far of any other team in the PAC and probably in the top 5 in the country should be telling....with the talent USC has and had in those two years more games then not should have allowed subs on the field early and guys like Fink should have had plenty of reps by now in games...there is no denying that...compare that to the womens track team that doesn't have the kind of scholarships to field a complete team and had to win 8 out of the 20 individual titles to win an NC....

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