Maybe Palmer DOES have a case for HOF

By: PasadenaTrojan

I ranked group below by overall career QBR ranking. 

Damn 49er fans sure were spoiled - look at top 2.  I remember that all too well. I was a BIG ram fan growing up and plenty of bad endings there.

As I mentioned before I don't think Aikman is a HOF.  He is rich famous and a SB champion.  Not a bad consolation prize. After looking at other HOF'ers I would say i still think that.  Even with 3 SB's.  But his total yards and TD's are behind everyone but Bradshaw who played in different era.  His TD to INT differential is also very poor. Fouts was surprisingly low here as well. Bradshaw had the lowest. Only 2. 

Aikman is only HOF member who has less than 200 TD's.  (Only 165)

At same time and being consistent, this shows that Moon and Kelly and even Fouts maybe shouldn't be in as well...not sure I buy that myself.

Favre had much better TD to INT differential that I recall. Wow. Stud.   

Elway numbers are way below than what I expected.  TD to INT differential is not very impressive. Either is his QBR ranking.

Young's numbers are better than I remember as well.  Wow. Stud.

But Fouts and Moon are in without a SB win so maybe Palmer has precedence there. 

Aikman, Fouts, Elway, Moon and Bradshaw had "very average" QBR rankings. Some surprises there.


When I have more time maybe I'll add Brady, Manning's Brees and Cam (lol that was a joke).


Palmer's numbers are quite compelling.  Issue is different era and very tough competition like Brady Manning's Brees and of course his team's lack of playoff success.


Next time Aikman acts like he walks on water on Fox telecast remember the 165 TD's.  He should name his son Emmitt. 


    Yards TD's Int's B/(W) Rating SB Wins  
Young       33,000 232 107 125 97 3 Plus 43 rushing TD's
Montana       40,500 273 139 134 92 4  
Favre       71,800 508 336 172 86 1  
Kelly        35,400 237 175 62 85 0  
Aikman       33,000 165 141 24 82 3  
Moon       49,000 291 233 58 81 0 Plus 22 rushing TD's
Elway       51,400 300 226 74 80 2  
Fouts       43,000 254 242 12 80 0  
Bradshaw       28,000 212 210 2 71 4 Plus 32 rushing TD's
Palmer       46,000 294 184 110 88 0  



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