Another thing I could never understand...

By: Waldorf the lack of imagination so many men have when contemplating a choice between Mary Ann and Ginger. 

I read the responses on that website (the link you provided), and I can't believe how short-sighted and uncreative so many of those cretins are.  They're all suggesting that the "movie star" is hotter than "the girl next-door" based largely on their outward appearance, including their wardrobe and hairstyle. What they all fail to see is that Mary Ann would NOT have to forever be dressed in shorts and wearing pigtails (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Think about hot do you think Mary Ann would be if she let her hair down, wore a short black mini-dress, some high heels, and maybe some red lipstick? Damn!  And who do you think would look better in a bikini?  

Also, Mary Ann may have overdone it with the sun, but at least her dark skin looked more lucious than Ginger, who was so pale and white she'd probably get a moonburn if she wasn't covered up at night. 

Lastly, Ginger was a bimbo, self-centered, vain, just a mean-spirited bitch.  No amount of sex could ever make up for that.  Sooner or later, you'd look forward to her blowjobs just so she wouldn't be able to talk.  But as soon as she stopped giving blowjobs (sooner rather than later, let's face it), what then?

Mary Ann, on the other hand, was sweet and wholesome, and she had a kind heart.  That wasn't going to ever change. BUT you could also teach her to talk dirty and...some other things.  Think about THAT -- the madonna AND the whore!  

Mary Ann just has more upside.  And if you're stuck on a desert island, well, that's pretty important. 

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