The pick six...

By: Contrarian

The pick six was after he had to scoop up a bad snap... the offensive and defensive linemen are wearing intermingled colors of jerseys, which evidently was confusing.  When he tried to dump the ball off to an outlet receiver, Rector jumped in and caught it.

...besides that pass, JT reportedly looked very good.  Both the other QB's stayed late after JT left... coincidence ?

Hard to get too excited about a D-back making plays this early.  If you recall, Jamal Cook was the talk of the message boards a couple of spring practices ago.  Clancy wasn't impressed however.  Hopefully Griffin will be as good as he looked today, but with 4 very serviceable upperclassman CBs in front of him, he'll be hardpressed to see the field early.  ARSB looked good as well, which was to be expected.

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