Gloria,...GLORIA! All dressed in RED..

By: allbruin

       Files a 50 plus page law suite against u (UP) s (shit) c (CREEK), & for all practical purposes says she and her Client (ONE OF 24 WOMEN WHO ARE PART OF THE SUITE) Daniela are going for the throat.  Ahhhh, the faithfull have got their hands full and in this case not with their DICK, but with a serious law suit.  Listen if you have the stomach, to the client ;..Daniela rip u (UP) s(SHIT) c (CREEK) a new one, and rightfully so.  If she was my daughter and had been put through what she has indured,...well don't ask.  LISTEN TO HER IN THIS VIDEO, ESPECIALLY AT AROUND THE 13.05 MARK, FWD. >

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