You are Wrong

By: NJ Trojan

Califonria would not get 6 senators.  Northern California would get 2, southern california would get 2 and California would get 2.  Three newly minted states.  The beauty of this is that the 55 electoral (representatives of the house) would get split up and based on the proposed split, only California would be a "Blue" state with the others more "Red".  The current 53 california memebers of the House would now be split up to a ratio of 18 for So Cal, 18 for No Cal and 17 for California.  The senate would have 104 members. The total electoral collage would grow to 542, 435 for the house, 104 for the senate and 3 for DC.  The winning margin to win the presidency would now be 272 -270 instead of the 270 to 268.  

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