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By: Art_Vandalay

guys - I need a Muslim, I have a few good blacks, I have a Jew but if you think you are a better jew let me know.  

This is first version and yes, I wrote every article while I was pretty drunk.  I want a version of THe View but with 4 democrats and 4 republicans and maybe even somebody in the middle from the Whig Party or somet shit.

Muslim MIke might be a guy.  Jewish George,  RedNeck Rick, etc.  Any of us can post a story that is relevant to what is big news... then the rest of us can call that bitch out if its not factual.  So i need a better message, why we have the site, I need some editors, etc. - 

Ironically the company is owned by an illegal which is funny.  The company is locatedout of TJ (Mexico).  They are moving the hosting down there as well.  I will only be one person, like Art Vandalay and I may rep the Whig party.  That might not make sense. I will probably get an intellect for that spot.  

Each Focker will will his/her own social media so they will get a ton of exposure or can if we ever really push this.


If you want to get involved, it could be fun.  Instead of posting some bullshit on here or facebook, just write your story and share that shit. Nobody has to know its you.  


Any feedback?  Yes, I have a lot of work to do.  Well, the mexican does that owns it but we the journalists can get a part of his company.  

Who on this board would be good?  Won't take a long time.  Could be fun.

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