By: crunchgodabruinknees

What crawled up your ass and made you so crabby? Was it an alien probe? 

It was good of you to recognize yourself as the type to of an idiot i made reference to.

Maybe this photo will tie together all your conspiracy Bilderberg lizard people bullshit for you. Its some of that internet "proof" you love.

Image result for lizard people ufo hitler

At the heart of Icke's theories lies the idea that that the universe is made up of “vibrational” energy, and consists of an infinitenumber of dimensions that share the same space.[13][14][15] He believes that an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings called the Archons (or Anunnaki), have hijacked the Earth, and that a genetically modified human/Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians, also known as the "Babylonian Brotherhood", the Illuminati, or the 'elite', manipulate global events to keep humans in a constant state of fear, so the Archons can feed off the 'negative energy' this creates.[13][16][17] He claims many prominent figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood, and are propelling humanity towards an Orwellian global fascist state, or New World Order; a post-truth era where freedom of speech is ended.[6][13][18][19] Icke believes that the only way this 'Archontic' influence can be defeated is by humanity waking up to 'the truth', and filling their hearts with love.[13]Critics have accused Icke of being a Holocaust denier and his "reptilians" and other theories of being antisemitic, a claim he denies.

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