You didn't prove shit.

By: Waldorf

I read that article:

"Boyd and USC lived in the coldest part of the UCLA shadow.  [Boyd] supposedly said that he could beat UCLA but not Sam Gilbert, the booster who was Santa Claus to the Bruins."

"Supposedly"??  Is that the kind of shit you brought into court?  No wonder you were a shitass lawyer.  And because you spell like a first-grader, I'm sure the court had a good laugh reading your briefs. 

All I can say is that Bob Boyd, a good coach, was about 2-18 against John Wooden, and if you honestly think that was because of one bag man, well, there's not much I can do to help you.  And if you really think that Boyd thought, in his heart of hearts, that the only reason he couldn't beat Wooden was because of Gilbert, then Boyd was a bigger pussy than you.  And that is saying an awful lot.  

Suck on, suckhole. 



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