Oh gotcha.

By: Java

I had to say it but Bill is right. If you want a broad market etf or indies fund look at vanguards vfinx. It mirrors the sp 500. If you want to play nasdaq there is qqqq Meaning they go up and down w the broader markets. If you wanted to have say an exchange traded fund or etf based on a particular industry you can do that too. Xle for example mirrors the oil industry. So if you don’t have individual winners and losers you want to pick them go there. Your first step would be to open an account at a discount brokerage. Another would be to do a little internet research and see if you fall into income brackets to qualify for a Roth IRA. I dont know your employment situation or income level but 401k. Keogh. Sep. ira and medical savings plans are all things that are easily and cheaply set up to take advantage of paying either retirement. Avoiding taxes or paying expenses with Pre tax money. I used to be far more up on them than now because while I still have a couple ofthe above I no longer am allowed to contribute to them for various reasons. All those felonies probably. Lol. A JOKE. Anyway. If you have kids look into a 529 plan. I used to call them Utah 529s because Utah has among the highest rated. As to investment advisors and what San c said I’ll hit that w the next post
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