So the advisors know firm 1 got fired for

By: Java

Losing 43% in year 1 and steering $20 m to madoff. The family’s feathers were all in a bunch right? Trust me I don’t know every detail but I’m assuming where I can. So what do the NEW advisors do? You got it. Make sure they don’t lose money. Make sure the family always sees a profit. So I don’t know how long it took them to regain that lost 43% but it was probably 6-7 years. Maybe more. How? Let’s do math They COULD incestnim he market. Gain 20% one year and 0 the next And net at 10% a year. Not bad If anyone tells you you should be shooting for double digits every year and 20-30% run. Don’t walk away. You should be lucky to come near the market and definitely want to beat inflation. And for sure beat what you can get in a savings account. My personal goal is to average about 3-4% in dividends and see what happens to the stock appreciation In the end I figure that will net me around 7-12% a year. If you average out to 8-10 a year you’re doing well. Naturally much of this depends on the risk you’re willing to take and if you’re investing tax deferred or into things like bonds etc I also take advantage of parked cash and investments I’m not in love with by using options. But you can learn that later I make about 50-100k a year on them. Not bad for side income but it’s not steady. One year 120. Next year yikes market sideways. Need to cool my jets and let many of these expire resulting in a near zero year
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