So back to that family and advisors

By: Java

So after losing all that cash it’s obvious what the advisors are doing. Instead of 20% one year and 0 the next they are investing in bonds. Interest bearing notes. And other boring vehicles that put me to sleep. Oh. Some stocks. But at the end of the day the SP500 returns 10 and these guys earn 4. SP500 returns 20% and these guys do 12. Worse yet. They then get to pay their management fees. And that 10-15% internal Family management fee on their gains I told you about. So while San Clemente is making 20% on vfinx? These people are probably netting 8%. Maybe. Oh but they are set up for risk. Yippee. Yes. When the market Les down San Clemente loses 10 and these people lose 4. Cartwheels. Look at the overall history and the curves involved. Fact is. These people live. scared. Play scared. Invest scared. Now. I am not telling you to goninvestbin Tesla. Netflix. Chinese Internet. Index funds are a good place to start Further. There are tons of Boeing stocks that do just fine. I had Pepsi take 10% of my salary 30 years ago. Was probably $2-3k at the time. Converted it to a Roth IRA after leaving the company about 5 years later That one year 30 years ago is now worth $120k tax free now. And Pepsi wasn’t google. Wasn’t Netflix. Wasn’t Yahoo. Dig? It wasn’t me getting lucky on a great ground floor thing. The point. There are a million Pepsi’s out there. Boring stocks you reinvest dividends in. So. Open your td Ameritrade account. Pay low commissions. Skip that 10-15% investment gain that family charges my bud. Skip the 1-2% asset fees the counselors charge
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