Oh. Why did the investment company

By: Java

Do that? I am guessing because they knew they could safely deliver 4-5% a year. And to that family hey. That’s $16-$20 million a year Pre tax for them all combined. That’s a lot of cash right? And fiduciary duty humbug They can easily say they were managing risk and reward. My point is that these family folks are missing out on the gains in a good market every year. I tell the guy I know to cashnout of as much as he’s allowed to every year and invest like me. He does some He calls every 6 months and we talk I think there’s family pressure on him. For you? I want you to see that advisors work for themselves first. Not you And some under pressure for results go to guys like madoff and that can end poorly. Others wind up playing it safe like this fat and happy family I described. Oh final word. I love amitrades drip system. That’s dividend reinvestment. Free. No fees. You tend to dismiss fees. But 10% of gains. 1% or assets. $7 per trade. Etc. They all add up Start putting your money to work for you and keep the costs low Best to you
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