I'd rather go out of state

By: Wac12

20% down on a 4-5 unit apartment in Chattanooga, TN or some place similar.  You'll cash flow from day 1 and in another year or so put 20% down on another 4-5 unit apartment or just tap into some equity on the first unit.  Rinse, wash, repeat for 10 years and you'll have a nice little monthly cash flow for life or however long you want to keep the units.  Not to mention the tax savings you get from depreciation and mortgage interest.  Get a good lawyer, handyman, prop management company, and tax accountant.  That "team" will save you a lot of headaches.

Take that money you save in taxes and monthy income and invest.  You'll come out very well in the end.  Just be sure to never skimp on maintenance or your problems compound


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