Do it yourself

By: Wac12

No sense giving your money away to a guy who can't even beat the S&P with any regularity.  I beieve the stat is 80% of stock brokers/momey managers/mutual fund managers can't beat the S&P.

Sign up for a stock advice service like Motley Fools and get their stock rec's.  Invest in a few Vanguard ETF's.  Hold some cash for dips in the market.  I've been with Motley Fools for 4 years now and so far the avg has been 17%.  This year has slowed some but of the 20 hand picked stocks I invested in based on their rec's only four are in the red.  Invest in what makes sense to you after reading their rec's and add to your winners as you go.  Corrections come once or twice a year so keep that cash on hand for those buying opportunities.  Invest in thirds, meaning decide how much you want to allot towards a given stock (say $10k) and invest a third of that initailly, see how the stock performs, and read the reports on said stock.  Then if you're feeling good abut it, add to the position whether it's lower or higher than your buy in. 

Ignore the noise.  You should hold for a minimum of 3-5 years or longer.  Daily fluctuations in the market should be meaningless to you if this is a long-term play for you i.e. saving for retirement. 

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