Gretsky's son...

By: Contrarian

.....but close enough.   Matt Corral went to Florida...who is swinging and missing with a lot of local recruits so far this year.

Florida's coaching staff were guest coaches at a USC coaching clinic last month, where they are supposed to instruct high school kids.   Instead of doing this, they blew off the players in attendence and set up shop across campus, lured the best kids away from the clinic and tried to convince them to attend Florida.  That is a level I doubt that Harbaugh would stoop to. Ruffled a lot of feathers obviously. If your scruples are low enough to do that, I suppose they might be one of the only schools to chase after Lewis.  

Personally, i think he'll need to keep his nose clean at a JC for at least a year before anyone will touch him.



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