Kelly 2.0

By: LA Duck

Unlike under Bellotti where Oregon would traditionally try to squeeze in marignally-qualifying students and often fail, under Chip (and indeed for the past 9 years) we haven't had a single kid who failed to qualify at Oregon (not a huge barrier compared to other schools, of course).

Just about everything worked so well under Kelly 1.0, it's hard to figure out at this point what won't work (if anything) in his 2nd go around.

Did he succeed despite his unusual recruiting tactics at Oregon?  Or in part because of them?  Or was most of the success just a function of his offense, and other coaching nuances and inventions that made him unique in the coaching ranks from 2009-2012?  (Fast-paced practices with blaring music, reader boards to call in plays rather than hand signals, emphasis on nutrition, etc.)

That's why what we have here before us, in my opinion, is the most fascinating college football experiment since the invention of the forward pass.....  :-)

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