allbruin, look at what has happened on the

By: BobLinMN-2

UCLA campus.  An education professor with about a half century of servous to ucla, and having received every award given to his area, was banned from the Ed Dept for having correced a minority student's dissertation - changing indegenous to lower case, and telling him to use the right style manual.  The student and his friends surrounded the professor in his class, and despite this physical threat, the professor, and not the student, was banned from the campus.  The thanks he got for a lifetime of merritorious service!

   A law professor was told he couldn't come on the Law campus without escort with two other law professors because his students had formed a softball team with his likeness on their jerseys.  He had written an article stating that affirmative action had placed Black law students in programs beyond what they could successfully handle.  A Black law student said he didn't feel safe at the law school seeing those jerseys, so the law profesor was banned and an additional equity officer hired.

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